Baie de Lan Ha

Compared to his two sisters, Lan Ha bay is the smallest of the three. Located southeast of Ha Long bay, she belongs to a different province of Ha Long bay, but the scenery is just as spectacular. Less touristic than Ha Long bay and closer than Bai Tu Long bay, it is easily accessible and ideal for one or two days tours. It also has an advantage over her two sisters: there are many white sandy beaches to explore. Included in the scope of the National Marine Park of Cat Ba, Lan Ha bay is also home to many species of fishes and shellfishes, corals, and three species of dolphins.

We'll take you to the discovery of numerous floating villages, fish breeding and karstic islands even more concentrated than in the two other bays. Thanks to the kayak, you will have the opportunity to visit some bays and inland lakes in the heart of the rocky islets.

An experience not to be missed, away from the crowds of Ha Long bay!

Baie de Bai Tu Long

If, according to the legend, Ha Long bay was formed by a dragon, the scenery of Bai Tu Long bay would have been created by her children! With landscapes similar to its big sister, Bai Tu Long bay remains largely unknown by most tourists and has retained its authentic charm. This is actually the farthest bay from the Vietnamese coast and it is therefore more difficult to reach. Hence our desire for you to discover it!

Located north-west of Ha Long bay, it extends to the Chinese border. Part of Bai Tu Long bay is located in the area classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The bay is home to a national park, many islands, pristine beaches of fine sand, fishing villages and temples. The largest islands are those of Van Don and Quan Lan, where you can find the ruins of the ancient trading port of international scope, Van Don, very prosperous under the Ly and Tran dynasties (from the 12th to the 18th centuries).

Arichipel de Cat ba
Cat Ba archipelago

Cat Ba is the main island of the archipelago. It lies to the southwest of Ha Long bay. Most islanders take their living from the sea, and, more and more, from tourism. In recent years, the town of Cat Ba has indeed known a rapid touristic expansion and hotels began to sprout like mushrooms. However, once you leave the city, Cat Ba island offers spectacular and unspoiled sceneries.

Largely covered by pristine rainforest, the island is home to a national park, on the land and in the sea, wich covers nearly half of its territory and 90 square miles of coastal waters. It was created in 1986 to protect the ecosystems. There are various flora and fauna (twenty species of mammals, over 70 species of birds, hundreds of plant species) including an endemic species of monkey, the golden-headed, one of the rarest primates in the world.

During your tour, we can organize a trip to Viet Hai village, located in the national park of Cat Ba. You can spend the night there and go hiking in the surrounding forest.

Baie d'Halong
Ha Long bay
In Vietnamese, Ha Long means "descending dragon". According to the legend, a dragon would have notched the mountain with its tail, creating this mysterious landscape of water and stone. Ha Long bay has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994. It extends about 1550 sqm and is composed of nearly 2000 karstic islands with countless caves and a lot of vegetation. Several passages within these sugarloaves lead to lakes. On the other hand, it has only a few beaches worthy of the name.

As part of the main attractions of Vietnam, Ha Long bay attracts countless visitors, especially in Ha Long city, who has not been spared by the property developers. All tours follow the same route and organize visits of the most famous caves. If you want to discover these magical landscapes off the beaten track, travel with us from Cat Ba island, and you will live an unforgettable experience...